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EP 8 - Tshirts, Printing, and DIY - With Cam Earven from The Print Life

That ugly v-i-r-u-s has disrupted everyone's life and especially the forming of the record label. But we're moving forward and listening to an interview with Cam Earven from The Print Life YouTube channel and his own shop Monument Limited about getting t-shirts printed and even doing it DIY!


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EP 7 - Everyone Stay Safe!

With all the craziness this week things have been pushed back. For some information I'd recommend listening to:

Joe Rogan Experience #1439 - Michael Osterholm


Stay safe everyone! :)

EP 6 - How Will I Raise the Money?

Talking about how I'm going to afford to pay for all of this? I'm not rich! 




EP 5 - How much money do I need?

This podcast I'll put together a ballpark cost to what I'm going to spend on the record label in year one.

Here's what I came up with. Things will probably change but this is here to journal the process:

  • $6,500 Recording
    $1,500 T-shirt 
    $775 CDs
    $500 Cassettes
    $25 Distro Kid
    $2,600 Vinyl
    $110 Web hosting & Podcasts
    $4,000 Marketing ie: FB Ads, Playlists, Influencers, etc

TOTAL: $16,510.00

EP 4 - “But What Could You Possibly Offer A Band Today?”


YouTube Video of Keynote by Stan Lee 

"If you have a genuine idea, Don’t Let some dummy talk you out of it."



(This list is here to remember this was a long shot.)

What Can I Offer Bands:


  • 16 Core Audio/Video Computer to use ($2,200)
  • A6500 Sony 4k Camera & Video card ($1,200)
  • 2 Sony lenses f1.8 50m and 18-55mm ($500)
  • AKG Shotgun Mic ($250)
  • Small lighting rig. ($100)
  • Small T-shirt Screen printer ($150)
  • Neumann m150 Tube Mic ($5,000)
  • CAPI VP28 Preamp ($1000)
  • Headphone Amp ($150)
  • $10,550 total


  • Help them constantly to Write/Demo/PrePro/Production/Mix/Mastering
  • Music: Streaming (Distrokid), CDs, Cassettes, Vinyl
  • Merch: Tshirts, Pressings, Backdrops, etc.
  • Help with Artwork for releases as well as website & social media
  • Help Plan/Write Videos (weekly, behind the scenes, funny, etc)
  • Help Shoot, edit, release videos on various platforms
  • Podcasts
  • Help set up live streams: youtube, twitch, etc
  • Music Video Production (if we’re not doing it, we’re paying someone to!)


  • Manage daily tasks, 
  • Handle all emails, collabs, sponsorships, etc
  • Local shows & Regional Tours
  • Events
  • Meet & greets
  • Get press: blogs, podcasts, youtube channels, etc.
  • Weekly Management/Marketing Meetings



Marketing: Cultivate Relationships

  • Music Release Strategy (writing weekly, singles, albums, Spotify, cd, vinyl, etc.)
  • Physical Release Strategies: CD, Cassette, Vinyl, Shirts, & more.
  • YouTube Release Strategy: multiple channels, funny, reviews, songwriting, daily weekly tour video, Creative Collaborations
  • TikTok Release Strategy (promote your music, website, youtube, funny, podcast)
  • Podcast Release Strategy
  • Twitch Strategy
  • Show/Tour Strategy (rules to tour by: create excitement / deliver on it / don’t oversaturate) Can include Facebook and mailing list marketing
  • Mailing List Marketing
  • Weekly Content Strategy Meetings


Marketing: Gain Fans

  • Fan Finder Strategies Social Media Awareness Campaigns (Facebook/Insta/google Ads, Influencer Marketing)
  • Branding Strategy (Keeping the brand recognizable & refresh every year)
  • Playlist Strategies (Spotify/Apple playlists, release radar, pay to playlist)


Marketing: Sales Funnels (are EEEEVIL!!!)

  • Our overall content starts with the funnel.
  • Retargeting Strategy (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Influencer Marketing)
  • Branding Strategy (Keeping the brand recognizable & refresh every year)
  • Email Strategies
  • Merch Strategies
  • Patreon Strategy
  • Shows/Tour Strategy    

Make the monies:

  • Streaming: Spotify, Apple music, Youtube and other streaming.
  • Get Syncs - movie, television, netflix, etc
  • Merch: Limited edition tshirts, mugs, cds, cassettes, vinyl, creative other options-LIMITED QUANTITY. 
  • Show Ticket sales
  • Get Sponsor spots for videos related: Guitar Strings 
  • Get Sponsor spots for videos unrelated: Energy Drinks, VPN, etc.
  • Direct Sponsored Content: All social media, can do damage to your brand.
  • Get old fashioned Sponsorships for strings/sticks/equipment/drums/guitars/mics/food
  • Patreon/Subscription - more content, early content, or contact with artist directly. 
  • Meet and Greets (Guitar/Drum Lessons)
  • Special Events/Meetups:

Long shots:

Get a building for practicing, recording, video and offices.

(This list is here to remember this was a long shot.)

EP 3 - Record Label Shenanigans?

On Episode 3 this week I talk with a band that was signed to Jive records and had... let's say an interesting time. We really touch on being honest and upfront when working together and how it can help both the band AND the label.

Also, I'm really loving The Punk Rock MBA and their podcast with Finn McKenty. Linked below is his podcast, his youtube channel, as well as Rock Feed's youtube page. Rock Feed is a rock music news youtube channel, you should definitely check them out.


EP 2 - A New Label Idea…?

In this episode, I talk a little about my new label idea with my friends Rod and Vince from the band RKVC.

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EP 1 - Gotta Ask The Wife First?

Hey, I'm starting a record label! But in this episode, I have a brief explanation of the podcast and an interview with the wife.

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