Starting A Record Label

EP 4 - “But What Could You Possibly Offer A Band Today?”

February 24, 2020


YouTube Video of Keynote by Stan Lee 

"If you have a genuine idea, Don’t Let some dummy talk you out of it."



(This list is here to remember this was a long shot.)

What Can I Offer Bands:


  • 16 Core Audio/Video Computer to use ($2,200)
  • A6500 Sony 4k Camera & Video card ($1,200)
  • 2 Sony lenses f1.8 50m and 18-55mm ($500)
  • AKG Shotgun Mic ($250)
  • Small lighting rig. ($100)
  • Small T-shirt Screen printer ($150)
  • Neumann m150 Tube Mic ($5,000)
  • CAPI VP28 Preamp ($1000)
  • Headphone Amp ($150)
  • $10,550 total


  • Help them constantly to Write/Demo/PrePro/Production/Mix/Mastering
  • Music: Streaming (Distrokid), CDs, Cassettes, Vinyl
  • Merch: Tshirts, Pressings, Backdrops, etc.
  • Help with Artwork for releases as well as website & social media
  • Help Plan/Write Videos (weekly, behind the scenes, funny, etc)
  • Help Shoot, edit, release videos on various platforms
  • Podcasts
  • Help set up live streams: youtube, twitch, etc
  • Music Video Production (if we’re not doing it, we’re paying someone to!)


  • Manage daily tasks, 
  • Handle all emails, collabs, sponsorships, etc
  • Local shows & Regional Tours
  • Events
  • Meet & greets
  • Get press: blogs, podcasts, youtube channels, etc.
  • Weekly Management/Marketing Meetings



Marketing: Cultivate Relationships

  • Music Release Strategy (writing weekly, singles, albums, Spotify, cd, vinyl, etc.)
  • Physical Release Strategies: CD, Cassette, Vinyl, Shirts, & more.
  • YouTube Release Strategy: multiple channels, funny, reviews, songwriting, daily weekly tour video, Creative Collaborations
  • TikTok Release Strategy (promote your music, website, youtube, funny, podcast)
  • Podcast Release Strategy
  • Twitch Strategy
  • Show/Tour Strategy (rules to tour by: create excitement / deliver on it / don’t oversaturate) Can include Facebook and mailing list marketing
  • Mailing List Marketing
  • Weekly Content Strategy Meetings


Marketing: Gain Fans

  • Fan Finder Strategies Social Media Awareness Campaigns (Facebook/Insta/google Ads, Influencer Marketing)
  • Branding Strategy (Keeping the brand recognizable & refresh every year)
  • Playlist Strategies (Spotify/Apple playlists, release radar, pay to playlist)


Marketing: Sales Funnels (are EEEEVIL!!!)

  • Our overall content starts with the funnel.
  • Retargeting Strategy (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Influencer Marketing)
  • Branding Strategy (Keeping the brand recognizable & refresh every year)
  • Email Strategies
  • Merch Strategies
  • Patreon Strategy
  • Shows/Tour Strategy    

Make the monies:

  • Streaming: Spotify, Apple music, Youtube and other streaming.
  • Get Syncs - movie, television, netflix, etc
  • Merch: Limited edition tshirts, mugs, cds, cassettes, vinyl, creative other options-LIMITED QUANTITY. 
  • Show Ticket sales
  • Get Sponsor spots for videos related: Guitar Strings 
  • Get Sponsor spots for videos unrelated: Energy Drinks, VPN, etc.
  • Direct Sponsored Content: All social media, can do damage to your brand.
  • Get old fashioned Sponsorships for strings/sticks/equipment/drums/guitars/mics/food
  • Patreon/Subscription - more content, early content, or contact with artist directly. 
  • Meet and Greets (Guitar/Drum Lessons)
  • Special Events/Meetups:

Long shots:

Get a building for practicing, recording, video and offices.

(This list is here to remember this was a long shot.)

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